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Career Placement Services

At Everest Institute - Jonesboro campus in Georgia, near Atlanta, can provide you with the right tools in hand to be successful from the start. Guidance and direction can make you a much more competitive candidate when it's time for you to follow through on a decision to launch your career. Proper career planning is an important step that can lead to eventually getting the job of your dreams.

Here's some examples of some of the help you can receive:

How to Deal with Various Business Situations

Every job is unique, and on-the-job challenges are always a possibility. How you manage those challenges may mean the difference between professional growth and stagnation.

Preparing Your Resume

That first look at your resume by an employer can often make all the difference in the world. It's important to make a positive first-impression. You may not get the chance to attempt a second.

Helping You Rehearse for the Interview

After your resume is tailored to fit your experiences and training, the next step is to make a strong impression in the interview. You can practice with Everest to the point where you're comfortable in expressing your goals, experiences and the value you can bring to the job.

Assisting You In Wardrobe Choices

Dressing appropriately is important to fitting in with your career field and for making good first impressions. Dressing appropriately does not mean having to break your budget. Career services can give you tips on how you need to dress for the job and job interviews.

Contact Everest today and learn more about the career help you can receive.

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